Portfolio Construction

Quest aims to deliver an absolute return generated by a concentrated portfolio with 35 stocks or less.

The Quality Assessment process and our Valuation methodology combine to construct a concentrated portfolio that has been accumulating wealth for our clients for over a decade. We aim to average 28 stocks with a maximum of 35.

Ideally, Quest would find only high quality A grade stocks on behalf of our investors. Alas, equity markets are not that straightforward. Quest will invest in B and C grade stocks if the value proposition is sufficiently attractive and the ranking is capable of improving. As a result, Quest will pay more for an A grade stock than a B grade stock. We are even more price sensitive in the case of a C grade stock. We do not consider D grade stocks to be investible.

The construction of the portfolio is the confluence of balancing quality assessment with valuation.


The output from our Quality Assessment is combined with the Q Value template to construct a concentrated portfolio that we believe will accumulate wealth for our clients.