Handy return from a tough tough year.

Harbour BridgeThe Quest Sophisticated Investor portfolio delivered 21.4% pre fees and around 20% post fees in calendar 2012. The market bench mark returned 19.7%. We did not hit our target of 4% out performance mainly due to the poor performance of our resources stocks, particularly gold, during the year. Despite that set back we rallied back in the December quarter with a handy 10% return compared to the market at 6.8%.

The Quest target of 4% annual out performance beyond the market remains intact since inception. Since 2004 Quest has returned 10.8% per annum compared to the market at 6%. The New Year has started well with a number of our industrial stocks surging more than 10%; Henderson Group, Boral, Silex and Computershare. We expect a continuing flow from term deposits into yielding equities will support the market in the coming weeks.