Lonsec Awards 2017

Quest Asset Partners is a finalist in the Separately Managed Accounts (SMA) Portfolio category at the Lonsec awards in May this year.

Quest has managed Australian equity portfolios for high net worth clients for nearly 13 years. The SMA is an increasingly popular alternative to traditional unit trusts. SMA investors own specific shares in a portfolio held on their behalf by a custodian. Investors therefore have their own specific tax base as stocks are held individually and there is no risk of inheriting adverse tax outcomes from other investors; a confronting issue for unit trust holders. SMA’s have a high level of visibility for advisers and investors with quarterly reporting specific for each client.

An SMA investor with Quest would have seen a $100,000 investment made in February 2005 grow to $384,000 pre fees at the end of March 2017. The index return would only be $237,000. Quest has exceeded the ASX300 index by 4.2% per annum since inception.