Quest adds Macquarie to platform choice

MacquarieQuest has expanded the choice of platforms for our Separately Managed Account by adding Macquarie SMA to our range. The platform list now includes JB Were, Mason Stevens, Powerwrap, Hub 24 and Macquarie.

The Macquarie SMA allows advisers to choose 1 or more model portfolios from a list of managers. Quest Asset Partners have joined that list in June 2016. The SMA portfolio is not a unit trust as the investor owns a beneficial interest in the specific stocks selected by Quest in the model. Investments are bought and sold as required to reflect the managers portfolio updates. Macquarie Private Portfolio Management Limited (MPPM) act as the Responsible Entity.

Quest has an eleven year record of managing SMA portfolios which provide clients with beneficial ownership, an on line view of the portfolio and transactions and the ability to move existing holdings into the SMA without attracting a taxable transaction.

Minimum investment is $50,000. Please contact your adviser for further information.