Quest establishes a 10 year track record

10 Years teamQuest has now established a ten year record in funds management for institutional and high net worth portfolios. The Morningstar survey indicates that the Quest composite return for fiscal 2015 was 9.4% (pre fees) and  ranked at number 14 of the 82 fund managers in the survey.

Over 10 years Quest ranked at number 11 of the 52 managers that have a ten year record with an annualised return of 9.4% (pre fees).

The Quest Australian Equities Concentrated portfolio for HNW clients (via a separately managed portfolio) has maintained our goal of beating the S&P/ASX300 Accumulation index by 4% on an annualised basis. The average return per annum is 11.71% (pre fees) which is a generous 4.46% ahead of the index benchmark.

An investment of $1,000 in our HNW portfolio is now worth $2,470 after fees; well ahead of a benchmark return which would have returned $2,040.