Solid return for Quest portfolios in 2015

KerberThe Quest Australian Equities Concentrated Portfolio delivered a post fee return of 9.4% compared to the market return of 2.8%, an out performance of 6.6% to 31st December 2015.

The portfolio now has a 10 year record of out-performing the market with a post fee annualised return of 9.1% since inception in February 2005.

The portfolio out-performed the benchmark in almost every GICS sector over the calendar year with 7 stocks delivering returns of over 50% during the year.

Smartgroup, Viralytics and Surfstitch  were the better performers delivering 140%, 122% and 100% respectively.

Our weight to resources has been lower all year however those stocks we did own were poor with Sundance down  54%, Orecobre down 53% and BHP down 30%. The attribution in relation to our resource stocks was dwarfed by the contribution of the industrial holdings which were 90% of the portfolio on average during the calendar year.

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